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Default Re: My baby is sick.


Short Version: I think I found the culprit, he developed a taste for Yesterday's News.

Long Version:
Spent the last 2 hours with him. His activity level was really varied from just sleeping to running around all over the place. In all this time, I managed to feed him a few kibbles, but not too much. He only produced too poops and no pee during the period. Also I believe the first poop to come out had a little blood on it.

After I put him back in the cage, I watched him for a couple of minutes (until he went into his house). First thing he did was scratch behind the ear, and then a mad dash to the litter box (that I have no evidence he uses for the correct purposes). I use yesterday's news. He then face planted into it, started rolling around a little bit, then got back up on all fours and it appeared as he started chewing. Granted my view wasn't the greatest (box is in far corner of cage, also very low light), but it wouldn't be a crazy assumption that he was eating yesterdays news.

I took away the litter box. This would certainly explain why his food dish wasn't touched last night, the low energy (zero nutritional value of paper), and the bloody poop and general lack of poop (constipation?).
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