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Default My baby is sick.

Greeting all --

My 7 week old baby is sick. Here's a play by play ---

Saturday day -- occasional sniffling, otherwise normal
Saturday night -- generally ok, maybe a little bit less food eaten, little bit less poop on wheel

Sunday day -- sleeping all day with occasional coughing. In the evening the sneezing got a little more common. Got on phone with breeder, got a few suggestions. Did a steam treatment (steamed up the bathroom with the shower, sat there with him for 15 min), and fed him some mealies (live) to increase moisture.
Sunday night -- didn't wheel at all. Didn't weigh the food, but visually couldn't tell that he ate (much).

Today (monday) -- slept all day (obviously). Took him to the vet. Obviously upper respiratory problem. Isn't too bad yet (mucus is clear), and due to age not a good idea to start on the drugs. It's on record, and I'll be provided drugs without having to pay for another visit.

Gameplan --
-- turn up CHEs a notch to bring up the cage temperature
-- install humidifier near the cage.
-- reinstall water bottle (had him on bowl only for the last week) to encourage drinking.
-- mealies, lots and lots of mealies. (moisture in food)
-- increase the fleece rotation schedule (reduce fumes from urine)

hoping for an improvement by weekend.
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