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Default Re: Thinking about getting a Hedgie

I've never heard of a whisper wheel, and didn't find anything when I tried to google it. Can you give a link to one?

Unless there's something new out there, the only safe store-bought wheel is the comfort wheel, though it can be noisy. The best wheels for them are bucket or cake topper wheels, which are easy to make, and there's also someone on here who sells them - though personally, instead of paying 30 + shipping for a premade wheel, I opted to spend 15ish for the supplies, do it myself, and put the saved money toward other things for my hedgehog. :]

Honestly, a lot of petstore employees don't know very much, so kudos to you for being well-informed about quality foods, etc. The commerical hedgehog foods out there range from 'so-so' (but not comparable to a quality cat food) to downright awful ones that contain ingredients such as seeds/dried fruit/raisins that hedgehogs absolutely shouldn't have. (I actually visited a local store I hadn't been to before, a day or two ago, and saw a container of hedgehog treats with sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and raisins in the first 5 ingredients.) Of the commercial hedgehogs food, Spike's Delight and the Vita Exotics one are at the top of the heap, and they can be okay when included in a mix with better cat foods, but if you have the cat foods available to choose from, I would say just don't bother with those anyway.

I haven't heard of anyone having any particularly bad problems with the boy time. The stuff is known to be very hard once it dries, though.

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