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It's not that I catch on fast, but rather that I work at Petsmart and have to make food recommendations all the time. I've also had a cat and ferret with food sensitivities and had to shop around to find a food they could handle. My go-to foods for dogs and cats are always Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Nutro and Innova, though there are some Petsmart knockoffs that are decent if money is an issue, but I didn't see any that seemed like good hedgie food. I liked when I read the ingredient list for the only Hedgie food we sell... It listed about 8 ingredients and then said "and more"... I was like "wow... yeah about that..." What about Spike's Delite? That was an actual hedgie food that was recommended to me. I was looking at the "Pet diet" formula.

What do you know about "whisper wheels"? Are they safe?

My male rabbit, Emmett, did that for a while. I had to keep lubricating it with this stuff I got from the vet because it would get stuck out and dried out and... it still makes me cringe to think of his discomfort. I got him neutered and it calmed down, but didn't completely go away until I got my females spayed and moved him to a different room. He thought my male Chihuahua was his girlfriend too.
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