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Default Re: Thinking about getting a Hedgie

Check out the stickies in the Housing/Accessories section. There's a lot of information about heating the cage. A lot of people use ceramic heat emitters (CHEs), but there are other options too.

There can be corn in the food, but it's basically a filler and not very nutritious. A lot of cat foods will have corn meal or something in there, but the first few ingredients should be meat (i.e. "chicken" or "turkey") or meat meal (i.e. "chicken meal"). All of those that you linked to are good choices, though the Wellness can be too rich for some hedgehogs. You catch on quick! Another popular brand is Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, but that isn't stocked in chain stores.

Liners are often fleece, which is the easiest way to do it yourself because you can just cut out sections of fleece without worrying about the edges unraveling and creating loose threads (which are dangerous for their feet). Some people will sew them, either a combination of fleece and flannel, or something similar with a more absorbent material in the middle. Whatever works for you, yes, fabric ones.

Boy time isn't so much loving you a little too much, just themselves. Basically they'll masturbate. Some more than others, and often it's a phase when they've recently hit sexual maturity. A lot of times it's not something you'll be very aware of, except maybe for occasional 'substances', but behaviorally it's the only difference.

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