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Default Thinking about getting a Hedgie

I am considering getting a Hedgehog and wanted some information. I read the care sheets on here and learned a lot, but it made some more questions pop up. Here's what I learned. Hedgehogs should never come home before 6 weeks of age. If gotten from the breeder past 8 weeks of age, they should have already been seperated by genders. They are solitary creatures. Premium cat food is best (I was thinking about feeding Blue Buffalo wilderness chicken formula). They need a minimum of 2 ft x 2 ft (I have a cage that is those dimensions, but has 1 inch bar spacing, so I was planning on zip tying 1/2 in by 1/2 in wire over top of it). Aspen shavings are best, and there have been reported cases of ingestion with Carefresh, so that should not be used? Why do they not ingest Aspen? Cedar and pine should also not be used. Yesterday's New OK in litterbox? Must use a water bottle and a low food dish. Mealworms and fresh fruits/veggies should be offered no more than 2-3 times a week. They are somewhat lactose intolerant. They cannot regulate their body temperature well, but I've found varying info on what to do about that...?

Here's more questions... Male or female? Which is calmer? Which smells worse? How bad do they smell? Do they use the restroom as much as guinea pigs and rabbits? I read somewhere soft food is better than hard? Do you spay/neuter hedgies? Their teeth don't continuously grow right? Do they use hammocks or do they prefer sleep sacks on the cage floor? Anything else I missed?
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