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Default Re: Help with cooling cage

Too hot is generally not quite as panic-inducing as too cold, so try to relax and just keep an eye on her for cues. She'll let you know if she's getting overheated, with panting, splatting out, or looking lethargic. Some other ideas you can try are getting a ceramic tile (like a floor tile) or a ceramic flower pot that's big enough and putting it in her cage, for a cooler option to sleep on. You might find her splatted out on those if she likes them. Another option, if she's showing signs of distress from being too warm and you want to try and cool it down quickly, is getting some freezer packs and setting them on top of her cage. Cool air sinks, so that may help cool the cage off a couple degrees if you find it necessary. Just place a towel under the packs so they don't drip into the cage and get it or her wet.
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