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Default Re: Please please give me CHE advice..

Thank you! that link to that heating thread helped soo much... I dont know how I didnt come across it last night.. I blame the fact it was 3am. haha. Now I understand CHES a lot better!

Still some confusing things.. I have your basic super pet rabbit cage. Some ppl say to get a 10' dome light? I've never see this. Will the small round regular looking lamp type che work? What watt should I get? I'm deciding between 100 and 150.. My room is usually 70 degrees ish.
Some ppl say the 150 is too much and can be too hot.. but some ppl say the 150 heats faster and then it would be cheaper cause it wouldnt have to be on as often.. any final suggestions you guys can give me?
Im not sure if Amazon will ship to canada.. I'm gonna try! I hear it ships fasts and I have two weeks before I get my girl.

I'd post a picture of her but i'm not sure how Shes only 4 weeks.

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