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Default New Mommy to Nutmeg.... Lots of questions

So I am a new Hedgie owner, Nutmeg is my first Hedgie and has not had the most smooth start. She was born on December 15th and I got her a couple of weeks ago. Being a first time owner, I have read alot and have many questions.

She is in a cage that is 47" x 24" with a Silent Spinner (which will be changed to a Carolina Storm wheel once it arrives), an igloo house and a couple of pieces of 4" PVC. I have also put her on fleece cage liners, so no messy substrate. I have included a picture.

Is it normal that she is not active at all during the day, it is obvious she walks around her cage and uses her wheel at night, but nothing at all during the day? I hide food all over her cage and she seems to eat all o it as well.

She also seems to be growing like a bad weed, she has grown considerably since I got her and she weighs about 340g. Based on the picture I have attached below does she look pudgy? She is on a mix of 4 cat foods and eats 20 grams a night. I also give her 1-2 mealies only 2-3 times a week.

I also have some cat balls and a long in her cage but she doesn't touch them. Is there any ideas for toys?

She also seems to have dry skin, but the vet has said it doesn't look like mites. She had blood taken and a fecal test and all seems good. She wasn't loosing quills at that time but she I loosing a few now, 6 on Monday and a couple each day since, it seems like she is getting new ones in, from what I can tell, could she be quilling?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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