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Default Strange new behaviour involving poop!

For the past month I have been house-sitting across town. I fully moved back on Friday. When I was away I had Annabelle with me and kept her in her old C&C cage. She is now back in her regular modified china cabinet cage that she was in pre-house sitting.
Annabelle has always been a wheeling machine! I go to bed at midnight and she is wheeling and when I wake up at 6am she is still wheeling.
She has a pink CSBW.

the Problem:
Since I have "moved" back home I have noticed that Annabelle's wheel has been very clean and she is not pooping on it anymore. I haven't heard her wheeling at night but I have also been sleeping like a rock. Last night I put flour on her wheel and you can see she was using it, but I'm not sure if she ran on it or just stood/walked around without the wheel moving.
She has been pooping like normal (also like a machine!!) but pooping near her food and water dishes (about 4 inches away from her wheel).
She is acting normal with the exception of maybe not wheeling and pooping elsewhere. Should I be concerned? Should I flour her wheel again tonight? Has anyone else experienced this? Should I get her a litter box?

I'm very confused!
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