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Default Re: Normal weight fluctuation?

Originally Posted by LizardGirl
I had mentioned in a recent thread that for Inky, a change in his weight more than 4 grams overnight was something I take extra note of. That's just what works for me, Inky, and the scale I use - every hedgehog will be a bit different. I weigh pre-poop, and if you let your hedgie potty before weighing the weight can vary a LOT, up to 20 grams according to one rescue.
Yeah, I just remembered you mentioning the 4g - and also that it was for Inky in particular, which is why I said it would be different for every hedgehog. :] I had already figured, just from curiosity, that weight before/after pooping and peeing will vary. I tried it at some point with Archimedes; usually gets weighed whenever I happen to remember on each Friday, so not immediately, meaning he's pooped and whatever beforehand, but at some point I wanted to try it both before and after, and if I remember correctly it was a difference of 14g or so that time. The way I figure it, if you consider the weight of a nickel (5g) - which really doesn't feel like much of anything in your hand - it makes a lot of sense that a good-sized poop could be several times that much.

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