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Default Normal weight fluctuation?

Okay so I'm not really worried, because he is acting completely normal and eating plenty, but I've been weighing Diggory every night and his weight fluctuation shocks me a little. For the past four nights it has been 278g, 289g, 293g, 263g. And maybe it was five days, because I think there was another 278g somewhere in there.

Tonight is definitely the lowest. But nothing has changed and he is as active as ever. I have been weighing him around the same time each night, 9pm.
The only thing I can think of is that he eats all of the RC babycat first so one day his belly will be full of that, and then I leave the adult cat in there till he eats it(always the next night) and he finishs that off so there will be a day with only that in his belly.
Could that really cause that much difference?

I also know that he is only 2 months and is growing rapidly and all. Just curious.

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