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Default Where to sell?

I will soon be starting a full-time job and the hours are very irregular; because of the job I will not be able to spend the time my hedgie deserves and needs Nevertheless, I was wondering if anybody knew of how I could go about selling my hedgie.

eBay and Craigslist won't let you (and I wouldn't anyway because I wouldn't know who would be taking care of my hedgie...this I wouldn't like). That being said, does anybody know how I can go about selling my Hedgie Lila?

She's very cute (as most are lol), born 15-22 of November 2011 (about 3 months old as of now), just got done quilling and is in great health (never not skipped a day cleaning her wheel and cage, nor have I not skipped a day of providing her with fresh water and food).
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