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Default Re: Abnormal litter.

Do you have there linage on hand? Where did you get your hedgehogs from?? If you don't have information on there backgrounds please do not breed her again. Its really dangerous to breed hedgehogs without proper linage because this can give rise to a lot of health issues in the hoglets and you could easily be inbreeding especially if you got them from the same area. I know lots of people that give there females about a 3-4 month break and I haven't herd of anything like this because of a shorter recovery time time unless she is continuously being bred without a break. How many hoglets were in the litter? If she had a larger number then last time that could be a reason why they are smaller then the last babies. One of our girls was quite large, we thought she was going to have a large litter but she only had two babies but they were huge! Litters come in all different sizes.

She also could of killed them because they may have something internally wrong with them. Even if they looked normal on the outside they could of had a birth defect that wasn't visible.
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