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Default Re: Mother hedgehog is acting unusual

It is quite common for mothers to take time away from the nest for short periods of time. The only time you should be concerned is if she is taking long periods of time away from the hoglets. As long as shes nursing them there is no need to worry. Some of our mothers feel comfortable leaving there babies in the nest while they take a little break while others are so over protective to the point where they wont leave the nest at all. One of our girls, Orion wouldn't leave the nest for a week, she didn't even come out to drink or eat so we were concerned for her. She finally came out on her own for a quick bite to eat and a drink and she was right back in there with her babies.

It all depends on the mother hedgehog. Her leaving the nest for a little bit is normal. I have also seen some of my females stretch out like that too, sprawled out as far as they possibly can be, almost as flat as a pancake. I think it may be because of there uterus contracting, apparently it can be a little uncomfortable for any mammal.

Update us on how shes doing! Remember to leave her completely alone for at least two weeks!
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