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Default Re: International Hedgehog: Japan

I've looked at the heating sections and have began to try and find CHE's here in japan. He does have a wheel, but i'm worried that its both a) too big for him to get into and b) i is the plastic kind that is made up of 2 parts clipped together. I've been looking at the carolina storm wheel vendor and I will order one this weekend because that is the safest option.

I have a digital thermometer and it usually sits around 24 celsius (~75 f) so I think he's fine there.

For lighting I have a light set on a timer that turns it on in the morning at 7am and shuts it off at night at 9pm. Are those hours ok or should I adjust them. I also had a question regarding that. For the lighting, does the room also need to be silent or can I still be in the room and not affect him? Also, can I drape a breathable cloth that doesn't let light through if I need to have the light on to do homework or be at my desk?

So far, he doesnt seem to like carrots (boiled or fresh). I've heard of feeding them plain, unflavored yogurt on occasion as well. Is that a good thing/bad thing to do?

I'm going to pick up a digital scale for him tomorrow as well to track his weight as he grows. Is there a portion amount for things like meat (chicken) and other vegetables?

Final question (sorry to go on but I just want to make sure I'm tending to his needs) I haven't been able to find a place that sells meal worms here, but I found a shop that sells varied sizes of crickets. Are those ok for him to eat? If so how many per day/week should he have?

Thank you in advanced for answer my questions : ]

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