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Default HELLO! From Calgary, Alberta, CANADA! Cow townnn

So I found this amazing section of the forums that I hadn't noticed before called introductions and realized I never introduce myself! (How rude of me )
So, hello hedgehog community, I am so happy to have joined you guys. Everyone has been so helpful, I really wish that I had joined 6 months ago which is when I got my hedgehog (exactly 6 months ago today actually!). I realize I have been so clueless while caring for my hedgehog and still kind of am haha.
I got my hedge for my 18th birthday (yeah I know, strange birthday present request for an 18th birthday, hedgehog over vodka haha) off Kijiji, It looks like he had 2 owners before me. When I got him he was in a teeny tiny 10 gallon tank, the next day I switched him into a larger tank, I think though that was too little so I searched for so long for a better cage. He now lives in a guinea habitat plus which is an amazing cage! However, I wish I knew about C&C cages before! I keep on wanting to give him more room! I am planning on saving up so I can buy another and make him a giant fleece pit, like a ball pit haha. I will admit I was upset at first that he wouldn't let me get anywhere near him after reading online that most peoples are so nice! But I know that I shouldn't be upset since he is in a new home with new smells and all that. He doesn't ball up as much when I am near him now, he does have his quills up and sometimes starts to cover his eyes as if he is going to charge at me and will sometimes try to jab me while partially curled up. but when I pick him up he will not ball up =) just quills up. oh and he bites... first a sniff, then a lick, then CHOP! the first time I only got a little chomp since I got away, the second time a huge chomps since I was feeding him crickets for the first time before I picked him up.
He's a little ball of huff, puff, cuteness =) No one else in my house thinks so haha

About me? If anyone is interested haha
My name is Tina, I am 18 and in first year university. I am studying at the University of Calgary in general sciences majoring in geophysics... how boring haha looking into hydrogeology now. My boyfriend calls me a crazy cat lady =) I had one kitten named Memo, she was a calico cat.. but one day she never came home =( she was only a year old... after a while my mom was feeling an empty space since she was so in love with Memo and got us TWO KITTENS! from the Calgary Humane Society, Boots and Mischief. They are sisters and completely opposite, boots is fat and lazy, mischief... well you can tell by her name , but they are both sweethearts and if you feed them they love you haha. I also had a german shepherd that was adopted from us since my mom wasn't able to care for him, he also had a turned stomach (the thing that Marley from Marley and me died from ) but he is ok now and lives on a farm, he has a better life now and that makes me very happy. After he had to go we got a golden lab from a local breeder... he died within 2 days of us having him, he had parvo . I never knew I could love a pet so much within 2 days... We never got a replacement puppy or money back from the breeder, I don't want either now because of the hassle and I don't trust them...
Anyways! haha. I am also a sales associate at Express! and if you don't know what Express if you must go to http://www.express.com RIGHT NOW! but seeing as most of you are from the USA, you'll know what it is haha. This is the best job I have ever had!

But I think I am boring who ever is reading this now.

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