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Default He's here at last!

We picked our baby Winston up from the breeder today. He is 6 1/2 weeks, and quilling like crazy. I can't thank everyone enough, I know I probably asked every question under the sun, but your help enabled us to be so much better prepared for his arrival! He was pretty social, checking out his new cage this afternoon, then took a nap for several hours, then came out tonight. He did have one "green poop" which I had read about on here so I'm assuming that is due to stress and will clear up soon. He LOVES his bucket wheel -- I didn't think he'd get on it already, but he checked it out about 2 hours ago and has been mostly on it ever since. It's cute to hear his little feet patter away. He ate a little and is drinking. I think I'm going to have to get another CHE because I'm concerned just one will not keep it hot enough - wish I had gotten a 150 watt light, I have a 100 watt. I'm a little nervous about going to sleep tonight and leaving him on his "own!" He seems to be very inquisitive, although I have no idea how much of their personality you can really assess early on. He doesn't run and hide when I pet under his neck, so I'll keep up with it. Someone suggested a photo thread so I will start one for him, but again, thanks so so much!
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