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Default CHE wattage help and bedding advice?

I have this cage: http://www.petsmart.com/product/inde...ductId=2753290.

I was wondering if I would be better off getting a 150W or 200W CHE for the heating? The apartment is kept SUPER cold - around 68-70F (despite our efforts to make it warmer). Haha considering it now, I'm sure that some of you wouldn't consider that cold at all, but for is Floridians it's freezing! Anyways, I'm sure that the 150W CHE would be fine, but I'd like to be safer than sorry so I thought it best to ask (:

Another concern of mine is that the breeder I'm getting my baby from of course keeps her pregnant mothers and babies on aspen shavings. When I bring my hedgie home, should I start her out on shavings to help her adjust? Or would jumping right to liners be ok?

- Cori (:

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