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Smile New female hedgie owner....please help

I have had Penelope for about a week now. She has a cage with lots of warm blankets and a litter box, she also has a heating pad and a CHE light so it stays between 75-82 degrees on the "sleeping" side of her cage. I also bought her a large hedgie safe wheel and a ball to run around in. She is only 10 weeks old so is still quite small.

I've noticed a couple things which have bugged me a little and im just basically wondering if its normal behavior.

She sleeps A LOT and if you wake her she seems grumpy, I know they are mainly nocturnal animals but it seems like she sleeps all night to and now she isn't even sleeping in her castle anymore [ which she slept in for the first couple days and has cut up pieces of fleece inside for her to borrow in]. But the even weirder thing is she isnt even sleeping on the side with the heating pad anymore, but on the opposite side next to the poop box [which has Yesterdays News in it]...which brings me to the next thing

She is going to the bathroom everywhere but in the box. I clean up the cage every morning and put the waste in the box but it doesn't seem to be working...I even found a few pieces of waste in the castle...

and I noticed a lot of hedgie owners have males....is a female hedgie a little harder to work with?
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