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Default Re: Weirdest thing your hedgie has ever done?

We have many strange hedgehog stories here at the Rescue, after taking long term care of over 330 of them. One of the most unusual was our skydiving hedgehog, Thelma, the second hedgehog we took in, in 1996. Our first two hedgehogs (long before we bacame a rescue), Flash and Thelma had free range all over the house. One night when I came home and entered the living room, I saw a falling form from the second floor and heard a "thud." What happened was that Thelma had walked off the second floor balcony and had fallen to the first floor. I was horrified, thinking she had been seriously injured. But, she got up, shook herself, and waddled off, none the worse for wear. She and her buddy Flash lived on the first floor. The next day I saw her climb the stairs and repeat the episode, again diving off of the balcony. I came to find out this was a daily routine for her and each time she would do a perfect tuck and roll. Thelma was an Algerian hedgehog that was born in Africa, most probably Niger as she was purchased in a Maryland pet store in 1993. Perhaps in her native land she was used to diving off of rocks as a sort of sporting activity.
Best wishes, Z. G. Standing Bear at The Flash and Thelma Memorial Hedgehog Rescue, Inc., in Divide, Colorado, USA
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