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Default New to Forum...shopping before babys arrival.

Hi Folks. I was just approved by a respectable breeder for a hedgehog!! I couldn't be more than happy!!
I am getting his/her habitat and supplies purchased and would appreciate your input about what I have on the list so far...before the final purchase is made.

We have decided on the Ferret Nation 141 for the cage, the ceramic heater with lamp and thermostat, an additional light to keep light cycles the same in winter, fleece bedding but also may purchase the alpine bedding if the wee one decides he/she is a digger, igloo shelter, ceramic dishes and toys. The links provided in the thread titled "heating simplified" are the links I followed to said purchases of heating supplies.

The only thing I am undecided on is the heating pad. Which is the best?? How warm should it be?? How does one attach it to the bottom of habitat?? Where in the cage should it be placed??
Any input or advice is greatly appreciated!! Thanks for having a professional and informative place for us "newbs" to get acquainted with Hedgiehood!
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