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Exclamation Marshall Ele-Fun Interactive Ferret Toy

I don't know if anyone has already recommended this but this toy is Pineapple's favorite toy!
It's a plush elephant that is hollow inside so the trunk is like a tunnel and the belly is like a cozy cave.
There is a little bell inside the belly too, and the first time Pineapple got the toy
she went in and hopped like a madman and made it ring and had so much fun.
At first I thought she was mad at the bell but I've seen her deliberately go in there and hop
so she must be doing it for fun.
She absolutely loves going through the trunk tunnel and also run under the elephant and weave in and out
between the floppy legs.
Recently she's been walking around with it on her back only to poke her nose out to eat kibbles.
It's adorable and it's the best thing I've bought for her. It's been a year since I got it and she still loves it.
Sometimes she even sleeps in it
You can buy it at any Petco. Here's the link.


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