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Default Re: Opening mouth wide during bath???

I had this exact same thing happen with Archimedes, maybe two weeks ago. He really enjoys baths, mostly the water running over him when he's being held, and running water in general has a soothing effect - we've been using that lately when he's been grumpy from quilling. So, I have no reason to think for my boy that it was a fear reaction. It happened when he was being held sort of on his back so the water could run over his stomach and rinse him off - his legs were kind of sprawled out, the usual thing, and he tilted his head back and opened his mouth very wide. No sound with it. It wasn't a snapping motion, and he has no issues with biting; he's given two little nips since we've had him, both related to accidentally having hands near him that smelled like food. I'm inclined to think it was a yawn, that seems like the most reasonable explanation, especially given the position Archimedes was in at the time. It was so funny and weird to see, haha.

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