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Default Re: Very strange behaviour, three weeks later.

Originally Posted by hanhan27
Originally Posted by FreezerBurn
Thanks everyone. Franklin's in a much better mood today. He was climbing, and rolling around in his ball without any issue. He did nip me, but that was my fault, for not washing my arms after making pizza. He even let me pet his belly, so he may have just been moody/quilling
Be careful with the ball - running balls aren't recommended as they can injure little toes and nails. HHC recommends not using them as it's so unsanitary for them to roll around in their excrement and there's no way for us to tell if they're having fun or if they're terrified.

It definitely does sound like quilling. Poor guy! I feel so bad for anyone's hog when they quill. It definitely can't be fun, and I totally understand the grouchiness that comes along with it. Once in a while, a hog that is a sweetheart before quilling ends up being a major grump for the rest of their life after a bad quill, so be very patient and gentle with him.

I did hedgehog proof the ball, prior to him using it. He's the type of hog to dash once your back is turned, so we can't keep him in the playpen he has now. He does like the ball, however, moreso than his wheel (He's a very peculiar little guy). It also gets cleaned every day, before and after use (sometimes during ). We're working on not letting the grumpiness stick around though.
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