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Default Re: My hedgie is sneezing, and other questions.

Originally Posted by jerseymike1126
anyone know a place to get batryl from if they can't go to a vet? i think i seen a more diluted version available for birds that is being sold without a vets prescription
Not sure on if you could get it without a vet prescription, but I don't think the bird version would be a good idea (or anything along those lines). Antibiotics need to be given in doses that are proper for the animal, it's weight, and the problem at hand. If the hedgehog weren't getting a strong enough dose, or for long enough, you could very well just make the problem worse by killing the majority of the virus, but strengthening what manages to survive the antibiotics and making it harder to completely eradicate it.

To the OP, if you're not near the border of your state where you could go over the border and see a vet in a non-illegal state, then I'd just wait for some more answers. I know there's some people on here who have contacts through rescues that know vets who will see hedgehogs even in illegal states. They might be able to help suggest a vet near you that would be safe to take your hedgehog to. Though the sneezing could be due to bedding or something new in your apartment, it's also likely it could be a URI, especially since you got her from a pet store. Pet stores don't typically know much about hedgehogs, and may not have kept her warm enough. Even if she wasn't attempting hibernation, not being kept warm enough for a long enough time can cause them to develop a URI. And URIs can quickly develop into pneumonia in hedgehogs, which can just as quickly kill them.
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