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Default Hello from Atlantic Canada

Some of you have probably seen me posting, some how I managed to miss the introduction section!

Anyway, I live In NS(for school, doing a pre-vet program) and NL(is where my parents live). Currently I am hedgehog less, but I am slowly looking at different options and picking needed stuff up as I see it. I also am asking any question I can think of that I have not seen answered.
I just picked up a flying saucer wheel while I was in PetSmart in NL(my aunt gave me a gift card). Eventually I am hoping to get a bucket wheel, but that will have to be at a different time, specially since I am outfitting 2 different cages. I have a plastic one in NS(I bought used and cannot find who makes them, they are guinea pig cages, the ones that are all plastic besides for the very top. I seen them in a local shop in NL but I was not smart enough to find out brand name).I am hoping to have a C&C cage in NL, but that is only if I do not buy a baby. If I buy a baby I will have to get either a cage, or a container till it is big enough for C&C.
I just managed to convince my Mother who has a sewing machine to make me hedgiebags since I cannot find them in petstores and shipping is a killer from all the small online shops I have seen. If anyone knows of a shop that has cheap shipping to the Atlantic provinces, please let me know.
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