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Default Re: New hedgehog owner, few questions!

Originally Posted by Nick A

Thank you for all the help! She's a girl, I was just typing from my phone and didn't realize I said "he". The lights in my room are on most of the day and if they're off there is sunlight that comes in. I have central air/heat and the vent is right next to the cage. I just got her a wheel today so I'll see how she likes it when she comes out tonight! Here's a pic I got of her, I'll try to get more soon!

yay picture!!! so cuteee x)

Sunlight doesn't work as light because as the days get shorter the hedgehog thinks winter is coming and try's to hibernate(hibernation very bad). That's why u need a pretty exact lights go on at 6am or 8am off at 6pm or 8pm or whatever works for u.
As saId above becareful of drafts. Expecially in the summer it's going to be freezing by her cage when that ac kicks in.. Which also means hibernation :/

RIP Opal <3
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