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i actually do this with jeremiah when i first wake him up because if i don't then he will stay grumpy and in a tight ball the whole time i have him out and will refuse to even take his head out. for him it calms him down, lets him see that it's just me picking him up, and makes him feel safe. jakob on the other hand does not like being that close to my face so for him its just a quick kiss and a good morning and he's good to go. you have to know your hedgie because you definitely run the risk of having your face bit especially if they are not in a good mood (they can be nice one day and total terrors the next and ready to bite before you know what happened if you're not careful) or if they don't like being that close to your face which is kinda what it sounds like with yours, but only you know your hedgie and whether its a bite of let me down or a nibble saying hi (i wouldn't risk it if he's already nibbling though it only takes a second for it to go from a nibble to a full on hard bite).
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