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Default My Baby Tofu has died...

This morning, my year and a half year old hedgie Tofu had to be put down. Very few of you might have seen multiple posts in the Health section about her, and how she was losing many quills for a long period of time. Eventually, my fiance and I remedied the quill lose with a few dosages of Revolution, and we were so happy to see her the way she used to be again. Yesterday night, my fiance called to tell me she was bleeding a lot from her butt and becoming limp and lethargic. The following morning we took her to her vet as early as they opened. Unfortunately, the cost for diagnosing the problem and any of the surgeries needed were way beyond our financial resources. Our vet said that she was in extreme pain, and that the decision to either proceed with the surgery or have her put down needed to be made.

The thing i regret the most is feeling like I didn't do enough for her. We loved her like a child, and treated her like so. We put her down because we did not want her to suffer, and we could not afford the costs for the surgery. I still beat myself up for not being able to afford her expenses, I loved her so much.
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