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Default Re: Is she trying to hibernate?

She returned to normal last night after being on heat, and she is still doing good today. But...gah, I feel so guilty :/
I think the air in her home should stay pretty warm. Her bathroom/eating box has a lid over it. Theres air holes drilled in the lid, but the air circulating through the house is coming from a fire place vent right near her home. The other side of the box is where she sleeps, and I keep the heating pad there and also keep a towel or blanket over the top of that side so that warm air stays in. Getting a heating pad for the other side wouldn't be a bad idea at all. I hadn't thought of that actually. I'm wondering about the heating pad setting, though. I usually keep it set on low and sometimes change it up to medium. Would leaving it at medium or even high be best in your opinion?
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