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Default Re: Is she tryig to hibernate?

Yes, she is attempting to hibernate.

Do you have a heat setup for her? If you're gonna turn off the heat, then she WILL need a heat set up as hedgehogs are temperature sensitive. Even temperature fluctuations can trigger hibernation attempts, so they need something constant. Heating pads are ok for supplementary heating, usually for sick or elderly hedgehogs. But it is also important for the air inside the cage to be at least 75F as well, as otherwise you may end up with a hedgehog who wakes up to go eat and drink and gets chilled, thus either going into hibernation, or getting a URI. Or you can end up with a hedgie refusing to leave the warm comfort of her bed. (Imagine you waking up on a cold day, and your blanket is nice and warm. You lift up your covers only to get blasted by cold air and get the chills).

What is the temperature inside her cage now? What may feel hot to you may be the perfect temperature for her. So turn up the temperature, especially now that she's had a hibernation attempt, she may end up being even more temperature sensitive and may need an even warmer environment.

If she is eating and drinking normally, as well as walking normally (without wobbling), then it should be safe to put her back into the cage, with the heat pad. But like I said, she really needs the entire cage to be warm, not just her sleeping area.
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