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I'm new to the forums, but I've been a hedgie owner for nearly a year now. My little girl will be a year old this month actually! She's super sweet and a real joy to have but I have a major concern! The house has been pretty warm lately. Close to 75 degrees all the time, and she stays wrapped up in her fleece most of the time. I was burning up the other day and decided to turn off her heating pad because I was worried that she may be getting too warm also. Well, soon after she quit eating and drinking. This was about two days ago. I noticed she wasn't eating so I left some ham for her that night that she did eat, so last night I left more ham for her but she didn't eat it. Needless to say, I was getting quite concerned at this point but to makes things even worse... when I got her out of her home today she didn't want to uncurl and when I placed heron the floor she just layed there limp and lethargic like. She wouldn't use her legs or make any attempt to get around. I mashed up some vienna sausage for her and placed it in front of her and she sniffed around at it a little but didn't eat any of it. I moved her into a little dog carrier in the living room so I could keep a close eye on her and put her on top of a heating pad inside of it. I heard her moving around a little bit in there just recently, but when I went over to check on her it startled her and she hid under the fleece. She's not up and running around like her usual self, but I do think she's making some effort to move now. Do you think she was just a little chilly and needed to be warmed up? Would it be safe to move her back to her regular home for the night as long as I keep a heating pad under it, or should I keep her in here directly on the heating pad for the night?
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