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She seems to be doing better. Her belly has cleared all up, the only thing I've noticed now is some quilling and flaking of her skin. She does still itch too. She's just completed her 2 week regimine of Baytril. I never brought her back to the vet for a second Ivermectin shot after reading threads on here about the negative side effects. I actually ended up ordering Revolution on line and by chance, it just arrived in the mail today. I'm thinking of putting some on her back as a preventative measure. I'm hoping that her flaking and loosing of quills is due to her adult quills coming in (I can see new quills poking through her skin).

Her appetite, pooping, peeing, and activity all seem great. She's also continued to gain weight consistently. Tipping the scales at 224 grams yesterday. She gains an average of about 2 grams a day, sometimes a little more.

I've also picked up Flaxseed Oil and was thinking of rubbing some into her back. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for checking in!

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