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Megalin5150 05-12-2013 05:13 PM

Picky Eater
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Hi guys

Milo is 8 weeks old and he is a verrrrrry picky eater! The breeder gave me a mix of 2 Spike's Hedgehog Delite foods because that's what she had him on and I bought a dry cat food before I got him. I mixed them together and noticed he could clearly tell which was which as the cat food would still be in his bowl. He is now warming up to it as the hedgie food is running low, but he won't eat anything else!

I've tried everything- fruits, veggies, chicken, sausage, ground beef, etc. He just sniffs it and walks away. I finally got him to eat his mealworms, but of coarse I'm not gonna give those to him regularly. Is there anything I can do to get him to eat other things? I want him to not only have diversity but maintain a healthy diet and weight.

Does anybody have any tips or tricks they know to help me? I also had to get him a smaller food dish since he was climbing into it to eat and pooping in there!


GoodandPlenty 05-12-2013 08:57 PM

Re: Picky Eater
Sophie is a preference eater. She eats only what she likes most and she eats it all. Then and only then will she move on to what she likes second most. It's worked out pretty well for me. I ration the kibble that she likes most to a bit less than half of what I expect total consumption to be, free feeding her second choice kibble. That's working pretty well for us.

She has mostly liked her kibbles, so haven't had a problem with her refusing to eat. She loves Gerber and Beechnut,( turkey or chicken) baby foods, so those are fed at treat levels. (She refused to eat the beef baby food.)

She rejected sweet potato baby food, bananas, watermelon, a couple of vegetables. She has mostly only rejected treat offerings, so no problem there.

She'll take a finger off to get at a mealie.

Rationing is usually pretty effective for preference eaters. Let them have what they like, but make sure that they are still hungry. That isn't a sure fix, but the best place to start.

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