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Buddysmom 04-25-2019 07:40 AM

How about this food (photo)?
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This looks like good Hedgie food, but I’m still learning so I ask your advice before I buy it. Thanks!

Ria 04-25-2019 08:15 AM

I'll give you its not terrible hedgehog food.
But the protein is pretty high at 37% it recommended to keep it no higher than 35%
The freeze dried mealworms aren't good, too many can cause constipation, and they hole NO nutrients at all.
Also its contains different berries. It doesn't even look like its a biscuit at all.

To be honest all hedgehog foods aren't good. You'll be better looking at cat biscuits even small dog breed biscuit.

Aj.t 04-25-2019 08:26 AM

In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably one of the better hedgehog foods I’ve seen. With that being said, there are some threads on this forum about hedgehog impaction (constipation) due to being fed too many freeze dried worms that they can’t properly digest. I’d suggest checking those threads out to assess for yourself. I’ve personally used freeze dried in the past but never as a staple in their diet which I can assume is where the major problems come in.
It’s true though that “hedgehog quality” foods are almost never up to par. I use a quality dry cat diet. Look for ingredients that list specific animal meals instead of ‘poultry’ or ‘fish’. The shrimp and crab is a great example- instead of listing ‘seafood’ meal they list the type. Just something else to consider!
I’m sure all this information can be overwhelming so don’t feel bad for asking questions. I don’t have the link right now but there’s a GREAT thread on this forum that thoroughly discusses their diet needs in a simple way!

Ria 04-25-2019 08:34 AM

Have a read through of this. Its a beginners guid to hedgehog nutrition, it explains what to look for in a food, in the most simple way.


Aj.t - The freeze dried meal worms are okay sometimes, in small amounts, but yes when its part of their every day main diet, thats when the problems of impaction comes in and starts causing things like constipation.

Emc 04-25-2019 12:09 PM

I dont believe this is being marketed as a main diet; it clearly states treat on the bag, and only contains 70g. It's not the worst treat (though it is very low quality), but it is a terrible choice as your hedgehogs main source of nutrition. It is mostly dried mealworms (which can cause issues if fed regularly in such large amounts), and the pellets that it does contain are composed of low quality ingredients like fish meal and poultry meal. Specified meals (i.e chicken meal, beef meal, etc) are fine but unspecified meals like poultry meal are best avoided.

Food marketed for hedgehogs in general is just best avoided, I havent yet come across a single one that's actually high quality. As already mentioned, you're best off sticking to a high quality cat or dog food. Cat food is most recommended, as many hedgehogs have difficulty with dog biscuits; so they have to be broken up. There's a list of brands over here, if you want to check it out.

Mecki 04-25-2019 03:37 PM

I know figuring out a proper food can be confusing. The main thing to remember is that you want to look at...
- the percentages of protein, fat and fiber
- the main ingredients (the first few listed ingredients)

This is explained real clearly at this link:
If you click over to this link, I think it will make much more sense and help take away the confusion. Once you've read that, then you can check out the following chart.

Here is a chart that shows specific brands and then for each one it lists out...
- percentages of protein, fat and fiber
- the main ingredients


Buddysmom 04-25-2019 03:38 PM

Ok great, thanks. I knew freeze dried worms are a no no for regular diet that’s why I was concerned about the rest of the stuff in there. I’ll go with dry cat food and live mill worms as a treat.
Any dry cat food you all use and or recommend? Thanks!

Mecki 04-25-2019 03:43 PM

Ha! We were posting here at the same time.

Buddysmom 04-27-2019 10:27 PM

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Are these any better than freeze dried ones?

Aj.t 04-27-2019 11:02 PM

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Originally Posted by Buddysmom (Post 1073126)
Are these any better than freeze dried ones?

Canned insects are a comparable substitute to live definitely! I’ve never personally used them but they carry most all of the same nutrients. I have heard though that they tend to be pretty smelly so brace yourself!

The problem with freeze dried is that it takes away the enzymes that help digest the chitin and canned are just gooey preserved insects so none of their nutrients have been “zapped” out 🙂

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