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Yukidama's mama 05-03-2019 12:12 AM

Oh is that the bedding you use? I saw on your Instagram but couldn’t tell what it exactly was... not sure if I can get that here but I’ll check, thanks!

Yeh fleece doesn’t agree with him. He doesn’t seem to mind it for the most part but I do hear him being irritable and trying to burrow sometimes. Seeing long threads of it in his poop worries me so got to try something else...

So after trying to search again, I was so happy to find an actual exotic vets in my area! We have a small zoo where we live so of course there should be one near by! On their website they looked so friendly, had photos of them helping owls, large reptiles and even a fennec fox! So my friend called up and enquired for me but think they got scared we are foreign and couldn’t speak the language well (even though she told them my partner is basically fluent). They seemed to make excuses trying to send us to other places (one too far away and another we tried in the past and didn’t like) and said they mainly treat dogs and cats now. So it put me off going as didn’t know whether they didn’t feel comfortable/knowledgeable treating hedgehogs or it was a foreign/language issue, but they basically turned us away even after we made them aware of Yuki having this vomiting issue. Like they knew it wouldn’t be an easy thing to treat and involve more of their time. What kind of vet turns a sick animal away?! So we left it a couple of weeks but then that night he did another big vomit we wanted to take him in the next morning. We called both our current vet and the new one and they both said they didn’t have any appointments but the current vet said just to come ASAP and they’ll fit us in between appointments. The new vet said it’s best to come later on in the afternoon when they’d have more time, because a hedgehog is an exotic animal so they’ll need more time... kinda making excuses again, even with my boyfriend calling them. So we ended up just going to our current vet and they saw us straightaway. Yuki is really comfortable with this vet now but he does seem less aware of things. Just always says he looks good. He wasn’t even that concerned about the 13 quill loss because I don’t think he’s that aware they don’t really quill past 1 years old.

We will try the new vet out next time we need to go. I guess I’ll try changing to a lose bedding first and see if it helps the situation. I’m still phasing out blue buffalo too so hopefully both changes will help. Fingers crossed!

Ria 05-03-2019 03:37 AM

Yea thats the bedding I use. It generally made for horses !! Its technically a cardboard horse bedding, but its dust extracted and it works. It comes in a huge bag so last a fair while too.
Holly loves it burrows around her cage a lot !! Also helps her regulate her own temp better, but I put fleece strips in during the winter but its up to her to use all of them, some of them or non of them. She's good wont let herself get too cold or too hot.

Holly has always lost the odd few here and there since she finished quilling but never more than like 3 in a day, I was told this is normal for some hogs (not by a vet though) but 13 seems too much for this. Although dry skin can cause quill lose and itchiness sometimes.

I think try the new vet but make sure you take your boyfriend that day so that theres less likely to be a problem, you never know what could happen you could get there and then they are happy to take a look. I found that the reception staff in most vets aren't always on the same page as the actual vet.

Yukidama's mama 05-08-2019 10:54 PM

Ah I see, I’ll have a look but not as many farms around here!

I started using shredded paper towels (1 inch thickness) in his second litter tray and he seems to be using it. It’s good to see the urine colour and can just be disposed off and replaced easily.

Still I’m going to make up a large tote of natural substrate and just see how he does if he still vomits etc. He vomited again yesterday. I put a canned mealie in his breakfast food and by the evening there was a big vomit patch in his hide. I’m sure I didn’t see it in the morning but I could have missed it. Just don’t understand why, but you mentioned before Holly vomited mealies too right? I’ll try a Dubia maybe tonight and see. It’s seems to be a combination of insect shells, fleece fuzz and semen that makes him vomit.

Ah ok, I didn’t think it was normal, just the odd one here and there. That’s 13 in a week he lost. Last week he only lost 2 so that was good. So far this week he’s lost another 2 already.

Yes think we will try the new vet next time. My friend actually spoke directly to the vet after she told the receptionist yuki’s issue she put the vet on and it was him that was trying to discourage us not to come! So makes me feel that he’s not confident or doesn’t want to spend the time trying to help him. It might be the whole language part putting him off so we’ll at least try one time and see...

Dea215 05-15-2019 09:25 PM

If your hog is eating or chewing the fleece bedding what are you washing it in?

I wash everything in unscented sensitive skin laundry soap with white vinegar to disinfect it and remove nasty smells, more for my allergies than sammy's .

The other point one could make is that if you share a washing machine, or other people use scented laundry soap in the machine the scents can transfer to your unscented load. (not so bad in summer, but very noticeable at -40 when your scarf is over your face<enough to trigger my allergies>) Hedgies have way better sniffers than we do.

healing energies

Ria 05-16-2019 03:40 AM

Yuki isnt eating the fleece, when he's trying to dig to get under it little fibers get stuck on his feett, then he's cleaning his feet and ingesting the bits of fleece that were stuck on his feet.
Thats what's been said already.

Yea Holly didn't good with canned mealworms, but she doesn't really like worms at all its very hit and miss with the calci worms I give her.

It could well be the langue problem thats putting him off, incase one of you don't understand what the other said and then it becomes a problem or makes Yuki worse.
Although it could be a few reasons. I think a vet really just needs to look at hit stomach and see whats going wrong.

Maybe try crickets or grasshoppers see if you still get the throw up, it could possibly be the outside of the worm thats not working well

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