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hillaryvh 01-07-2012 05:02 PM

Treat/food help
Hello, I've had my hedgehog for about 1 1/2-2 years now and I have tried multiple treats to give her from veggies, fruits, meal worms, and some meats and she has never even given it the least amount of interest to try.
For her regular diet I feed her an all natural cat food with chicken, vegtables and the right amount of fat and protein, she is not over or under weight but I feel bad that that's all she eats.
Does anybody have any suggestions? thanks:)

Louiedog 01-08-2012 01:53 AM

Re: Treat/food help
Take a look at my topic right above yours, named "safe insects/worms vs unsafe (treats)." <-- I think that's the name, if not close enough. Anyway, give those treats a try. You can visit lindasgonebuggie.com and buy a cheap variety pack of all or close to all of those insects listed in my post for $25!

If you try this and your hedgie still neglects the treats then it's PERFECTLY fine. Hedgehogs can be very picky eaters, as long as your giving him/her a proper diet of cat food then it is ok.

P.S. ::HELPFUL HINT:: sometimes a hedgie may like their insects/worms/or even pinkies (feeder hairless mice) alive before eaten, some may like them already dead. You can kill the above insects/worms/pinky by putting them in the freezer over night.

If none of this works you can cut the worm/insect in half and rub it on your hedgies mouth gently. Sometimes hedgies do not eat new things presented to them because they may not know it's food!! (if you do this procedure I recommend using tweezers so your hand does not smell like a tasty treat to your hedgie. It will avoid accidental biting)

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