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I think that Nuala is starting to get better, but am still a bit anxious. Since the last time I posted, I returned her to the vet on 11/18/11 who decided to treat her for mites and an infection to be safe. He was not 100% sure what it is, but he gave her a Ivermectin injection (which I won't be returning to give her again because my breeder pointed out a post on here explaining that those injections could be fatal) and gave me Baytril that I have to administer to her 0.1ml by mouth 2x/day. The night before taking her to the vet, I noticed her loosing quills, but not her long quills, just little short ones. Since the vet, the spots on her tummy and her legs are almost all cleared up. Interestingly, it wasn't until at the vet on the 18th that I noticed her itching herself and that has continued through today. She's continuing to eat well and gain weight. on 11/11, she weighed 171, on 11/18, she weighed 192, on 11/20, she weighed 196 and tonight she weighed 200. I did notice tonight that when she pooped, most of it was brown, but the last one she did had a green tint to it. Which I had also noticed sporatically prior to tonight. That worries me. All throughout this, she's had a great attitude, been eating well and active at night (as evidenced by her poo smeared wheel that i wake up to in the AM)

Just to review, I first picked her up from the breeder on 11/5/11 and brought her home in the shavings that the breeder was using (kiln dried pine). At home I put her in my cage that had aspen shavings. About 4 days later (11/9), I switched her bedding to the custom made fleece liner, but still used the aspen shavings to transport her to the vet on 11/11 which was the last time she had contact with aspen shavings. That evening she had her first bath with the Baby Aveeno Oatmeal soap. Her condition actually got worse (more spots showing up on her belly) by around the 14th. In reading on here, I got the idea to give her a warm bath with just a little bit of olive oil, so I gave her a 2nd bath on the 15th with a little bit of olive oil. I then took her back to the vet on the 18th when he started the antibiotic and mite treatment. I gave her a plain warm bath with no soap or oil on the 19th.

Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!

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