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Default hi :) & a little help with switching to fleece liners??

Ok so ive had little Hufflepuff since Sept.30th 2011 (its 11/14/11 today) and he was born on July 20th 2011. He has always had pine shavings at the breeders house so thats what I put him on when I got him home. I want to switch to fleece liners because it is cleaner and from what I have read it is better for their respiratory systems. I know he likes fleece b/c i gave him a small blanket to snuggle with in his hut (and oh gosh does he love that thing!) and i made him a dig box out of fleece scraps that he loves too. However, i tried about 3 or 4 weeks after i got him home to switch to fleece liners instead of shavings and i could tell that he just HATED it. He seemed so cranky and pissed off. I know he loves to dig and burrow because he digs a hole in his shavings and sleeps there under his blanket. If i want to switch to fleece, then how could i do so without making my little Hufflepuff angry? should i switch his home to a fleece dig box or give him something else? thanks a bunch guys, and any input is greatly appreciated
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