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Default Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

Mac is my goober ^_^ He got a foot bath this morning (he gets one every morning almost, messy boy) and then settled in my chair with a small space heater trained on him while he snuggled in a dry towel to soak up the water off of his tummy while I cleaned out the sink. Then I moved him to the tabletop and let him cuddle in one of my awesome jackets and finish drying off while I could make sure he was nice and warm, then he went back to bed in his cage. It was so sweet to be able to peek on him and watch him sleep, he's such a sweety when he's not bitey! And like I said I can't blame him at all, I'm crabby when I'm tired and uncomfortable, so I understand completely! And I'd be kinda cranky over the meds and baths, Revolution stinks when it's fresh >_>

And thank you shetland, I try! It doesn't always work out, but I made sure I could take on more work so I can take care of them the way they deserve, vet visits and all. I'm hoping to get another wheel from Larry after Christmas, right now Dougie has the wheel I got from Larry shortly after I got back to the States, and then Mac has Charley's old wheel... but it's loud, it's not one of Larry's... but Dougie runs so fast he makes a horrible racket on it, so he got the "good" wheel for now. Mac runs, but not nearly as fast as Speedy the Hedgie (Dougie)!

I will try to get some good pictures soon! Aside from the Halloween shoot I've tried to leave them be during the mite treatments since that was tough on them, and part of it was me being swamped too... bad mommy! No pics for the aunties and uncles ^_^
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