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Default Re: Cage Liner Question

Originally Posted by kindacrazy
I'm not getting my baby for another few weeks and I'm mostly prepared for her. (I just need to get her food and set up the cage.) Right now, I only have one question. When I started looking into cage liners, I was mostly on guinea pig websites. You know, those ones with all the pretty pictures that show you how to build a stable C&C cage step-by-step. One of the sites (I forget the name) had a section about how to prepare the fleece so that liquids will go right through rather than being absorbed by the liner. Should this be done for my hedgie's liner as well? Or is it better to just cut it to the right size, wash it, and put it into the cage?

Thanks in advance for the help,
I've never heard of or been made aware of any fleece treatments for liners and I've made them for almost three years now, so I would say you are safe to wash it in a fragrance free detergent and put it in the cage. Remember not to use dryer sheets or fabric softener though.

Congrats on your new little one!
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