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Default Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

Post-treatment update on my little monsters *said with the utmost affection*

Mac and Dougie are doing very well with their skin health post Revolution treatment (they had their last dose almost a week ago now). I gave them good scrubbings last night and then they got a flax seed oil rinse post bath to hopefully help soothe their little backs. An interesting tidbit, according to the label on the organic shampoo I got for them, it doesn't affect topic spot-on flea treatments like Advantage and Frontline, would it affect Revolution? I usually wait and give baths at least 4 days after a dose, and then always bathe before a new dose is given so that once I do apply it there is plenty of time for it to be absorbed.

I am happy to report that there is healthy pink skin and tons of new quills coming in on Mr. Mac's poor little baldy butt (he's nowhere near as nekkid as Charley was, but you can still see gaps when he balls up and he used to be fully quilled.)

Dougie never did lost many quills but he has had dry skin out the wazoo, it looked like dust on the bases of his quills, really uncomfy looking and I could ear him scritch-scratch for a minute or two before going on his nightly run as I was going to bed. He HATES the baff almost as much as Mac does, but he still endures it because I ask him to. I think the oil rinse is helping him too, his skin looks taut and healthy and no longer dusty.

In other news, the discomfort of mites/new quills hasn't really been an issue for Dougie but poor Mac... He has always been nippy, but formerly it was if I smelled tasty. He seems to associate me with his discomfort and frequent baths and now chomps into my fingers and the heel of my palms whenever he gets the chance, and then hangs on like a bulldog with a bone. When he does this I calmly hold my offending flesh still and tell him to let go, that hurts, stop it, etc and he will usually release after 10 seconds or so. Dang vampire teeth leave some pretty good sized holes in me ^_^ I can't help but laugh about it, because I know it's not malicious, the poor guy's hurting and uncomfortable, and he's already getting better now that he's had a few weeks of Revolution. Hedgie mouths are dirty places though! I fell asleep one night before treating my wound and woke up the next morning (not 6 hours later) with a serious infection going on. Crazy.

And that's Mac and Dougie news!

I'm doing okay, my request to retake my class that I flunked out of a few weeks ago has been approved, now I'm just waiting on news about who is going to pay for it, me or the school. Jobs and work is so-so, I'm paying the bills and should be able to do a little Christmas for my son, and that's what counts.

More updates to follow!
Hedgies: Mac & Dougie
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