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Default Bathing in the winter

What is your bathing routine in winter? I got Hazel in July and my norm would be bath / towel dry as best I can / snuggle bag on the couch with me for an hr + then put her back in her cage.

When I bathed her tonight I was tempted to blow dry her but since I had not yet had a chance to ask about it...I didn't because I worried about not only the heat but the blowing on her.

So I towel dried, snuggle bagged, put her back in her cage for a while with an extra fleece in the bag....then when I took her out again tonight made sure she had a fresh snuggle bag when she went back in so I knew it was not holding any moisture at all.

What's the blow drying deal ? I've read people do this but it's never really explained how it is done safely.

I just kinda worry because they are not easy to dry and seem damp for so long.
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