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Default Re: Help with my new Hedgie

I love the pictures!

If she's picking out the new food and avoiding the other, you can just add a few pieces at a time.

Count how much kibble she eats in a night, then only offer her that amount plus 10 more (incase she's super hungry one night).

Like if she eats 50 kibble in a night, then offer 60 and break it up like this

Week 1: 15 new kib / 45 old
Week 2: 30 new kib / 30 old
Week 3: 45 new kib / 15 old
Week 4: 60 new kib

Add only one new food at a time so you know if she's having tummy troubles.

Adding a second food you want to do something like this:

Week 1: 15 new kib / 45 old
Week 2: 30 new kib / 30 old

Then you would stop there for a two kibble based diet. To add a third kibble, you would be giving her 20 of each brand, so I would give 10 the first week and 20 the second. So at the end of 8 weeks, she should be on your new mixture. This should help with all the stomach upsets, but if she's having problems when you add a new kibble at the end of the week, it could be that it's either too rich or she may have some allergy to it.

Hope this makes sense. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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