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Originally Posted by hanhan27
[b]Blue Buffalo is a really good brand. I've heard great things about Solid Gold, too.

P.S. We really love hedgie pictures here.

I am familiar very familiar with Blue Buffalo(I work at my local Petsmart), I think I'll go with that. Thanks! And I will get pictures soon. So far the majority of my pictures are from my phone and are pretty low quality.

Originally Posted by nikki
Hello, and congratulations on your new baby.

1. What type of heat bulb are you using? Is it a ceramic heat emitter that doesn't give off light? those are the best for hedgies. You also need to be using a thermostat (not a rheostat) to control the heat emitter, otherwise as the room temp rises or drops the temp in the cage will too.

2. You don't have to throw the fleece liners out when they get dirty, you just need to shake them off and toss them in the washer with some unscented laundry soap. I have 11 hedgies on liners right now and the liners I use have been in use for almost two years now.

3. The best food to add would depend on what's available in your area. I feel its more important to get the best food you can be sure of always being able to get.

4. You should always free feed, there should always be food left in her dish in the morning.
I am using a ceramic heat emitter that does not give off light, I just wasn't sure if I should have gotten the next highest wattage. I was afraid she would get too hot.

The liners I had in while she had a sick tummy just seemed to be a lost cause, so I just pitched them, but I was wondering what it would be like now. Are there any detergents that work best for cleaning liners?

Thank you much for the food advice! I will start with a higher number next time.
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