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Default Help with my new Hedgie

So after tons of reading, I finally got my first hedgie and there are a few specific questions I have now that I'm a hedgehog parent that I've begun to wonder now a week in.
1) Heating. My setup is a standard wire cage with a plastic bottom. I am using a heat fixture with a heat emitter. My house itself sits at a temperature of about 68-70 and the cage floor has a temperature of about 72-75(I'm going to invest in a digital thermometer. I didn't realize the one I bought only showed me ranges). Is this warm enough? Pear seems to be thriving and she has a shelter with plenty of fleece blankets, but as a new parent I'm just afraid she'll get too cold. I got the lowest wattage bulb because on the box it said the temperature at the cage floor would be between 72 and 76, and the next highest was like 78 and I thought it would be too high. Do you think I made the right choice?

2) How clean do fleece cage liners really stay? Pear had a little bit of loose stool when I brought her home, and this was probably a mixture of stress and I might have given her a little too much of her new food(she seems to pick all the new food out first), and the liners I put in were absolutely ruined. Her tummy troubles have just about cleared up now(I learned to actually count pieces instead of guessing an amount) and I was wondering how useful fleece liners really are? I heard you can litter train a hedgie and I put a litter box in with carefresh but is this realistic? Or will the fleece liners always be poo covered and I'll have to throw them away?

3) Food choices. I've read over and over the food listings that are recommended for hedgehogs and I chose to buy Innova, Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul, and I'm still debating on a third. Any really good suggestions? I'm still working on introducing the first food, but I would like to figure out the third food ahead of time. Also, I've read about adding baby food? When feeding baby food, do you mix it with the dry food or feed is separately?

4) How much food do I feed!?! My little girl is only 9 weeks but I feel like she can eat so much! I started with 20 pieces and they were all gone by morning. I don't want to starve her, but I also don't want to overfeed her. How do I know how much is enough? Also when feeding crickets and meal worms, how many of those are okay for her to eat?

Sorry, I know this a lot to ask in one sitting but I want to get this right and reading through old posts I couldn't find the answers I was looking for.
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