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Default 2nd/3rd wave quilling - Adult vs baby rate?

I was pretty sure that I had the common basics down. But now, I think Shinjy is going through his 2nd/3rd wave of quilling. He went through one when I had first gotten him, when he was around 8 weeks, but he handled it like a pro.

Now, he is 4 months old, and seems to be going through his (hopefully) last bout of quilling. He's losing a lot of the last of his baby quills, however, he is also losing some of his adult quills as well. Is this normal? I looked through all the past quilling posts, but none of them really get into the latter waves of quilling.

Every single quill that I have found(around 40 now) all have the bulbs at the end, I've done my own "at home" skin scraping and black cloth test. He has gained 8 grams since last week, so he's not losing any weight. He's eating behaviour hasn't changed, his poop is normal, wheels every night. He's eating wellness healthy weight, NB green pea and duck, along with various mealies, eggs, strawberries, etc etc treats, and flax oil 1-2x's a week.

There is a 24/7 vet clinic 5 mins away from me, as well as another vet that is on the vet list that is 10 min away from me, so if anything suspicious comes around, he'd be there in no time.

He's gotten grumpy this time around though, but I don't blame him. I already gave him a bath with oatmeal and then a flax oil/water rinse. Though it seems that we're bonding more though, because even though he doesn't like me touching his back, he's letting me stroke his face, from his nose, back to his forehead, and I'll touch around his ears as well. Mind you, he's probably half asleep in my lap, since he's a sleeper

I think that's about all the info I'd probably be asked :P So basically, my question is, do they end up losing some of their adult quills as well as their baby quills during this (hopefully) last round of quilling?
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