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Default Re: An Update on Mac & Dougie (mites)

It's so great that their quills are coming back in! I have a chronic quill dropper and have yet to figure out if there's anything wrong with her or if she just sheds a lot.

I definitely vote for CHEs! I don't know what I would do without mine. The thermostat makes it so much easier... but, I'm still paranoid, and check both CHEs every day. If the thermostat's "on" light is lit up, I make sure both lamps are pumping out the heat. I recently got a space heater and am now using that to heat my room to about 70*, then the CHEs kick up her cage temp to 75*. I think it makes things a little easier on the CHE bulbs, and hopefully that will make them last longer since they're so flippen expensive!!

I love updates on your boys. Keep 'em coming!

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