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Default Probable allergy to hedgehogs - Allergy treatments?

Well... I am pretty certain that I am allergic to hedgehogs.

About a month ago now, I had Milly out and was giving her mealworms. She was lying on my arm in her blankie and I was tweezering mealies out of the container and dropping them in her blankie in front of her. In her mealworm-induced frenzy, she accidentally bit my arm when she was going after a worm that wiggled out of the tweezers. Within a minute or two, the tiny little teeth marks had turned into huge dime sized welts. It was really uncomfortable, and ever since then my eyes get all itchy and my nose runs after I handle Milly. The reaction I seem to have developed to her isnt nearly as bad as my reaction to cats, but its annoying and uncomfortable.

I know there is such a thing as allergy treatments (where a dr. injects a little bit of what you are allergic to into your system and it helps your body learn not to over-react to that certain thing)... Do you think they could do this for a hedgehog allergy? I know it sounds strange, but I figure if they can do it for cats, dogs and horses that they could possibly do it for hedgehogs?

Any thoughts or knowledge on this?

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